tenalach /Irish/ ten-a-lock

a deep connection with the land, air and water that allows one to literally hear the earth sing


Welcome to our little digital campfire. We invite you to gather ‘round as we share a few stories about what inspires us. And we hope we can inspire something in you, too.

We started this journey in the belief that we’re truly in our element when connecting with friends and family in the elements. These real connections we feel with others in nature are what sparked the stories and ideas we’re exploring here, beginning with our collection of outdoor games. You can take tenalach anywhere. And there’s no telling where it’ll take you.

Oh, about our name: tenalach. It comes from Ireland and it’s defined as a “deep connection we share with the land, air and water that allows one to literally hear the earth sing.” So, we can’t take credit for the idea but it has spoken to all of us in a profound way.

This thirst to find a little more tenalach in our lives is what guided us here. Now, we didn’t set out to create a brand of games. We were – and still are – simply passionate about what time spent playing in the outdoors can do for us. How it strengthens our bonds – with nature and one another. And for us, it also tended to be a great reminder of how there’s a different kind of connection you can create when you disconnect from your devices.

While this started with some backyard games among friends, it’s become about so much more. It set us on a journey to discover what the idea of tenalach really meant to us. Eventually, it grew into a few basic rules we try to apply to our daily lives – while also serving as the foundation for the products and conversations we’ll be sharing in the months and years ahead.

  1. Genuine connections are the key to a fulfilling life.
  2. Disconnecting from technology is the surest path to a renewed spirit.
  3. Spending time outdoors with friends and family is time well spent.
  4. Staying active is critical for our health and happiness.
  5. Experience joyful moments in every day.

We’re so excited to have you join us on this journey – for a short while or every step of the way. We’re serious about this, but we certainly don’t take ourselves too seriously. Stop by when you can. We’ll do our best to share some fun insights, articles and a whole lot of inspiration. Ready to #SeekItOut? Awesome, let’s start today. Welcome to tenalach.